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Road Plates

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The superior strength A-36 steel plates are pedestrian and vehicle safe, and include a single flush-mounted lifting point to allow easy, balanced handling with no protrusion above the plate surface.

Actek Nut

Part Number         Description              Weight

RP3443          34" Wide x 43" Long            600 lbs  

RP-44                   4' Wide x 4' Long            800 lbs  

RP-48                   4' Wide x 8' Long         1,600 lbs  

RP-57            5'3" Wide x 7'6" Long        1,750 lbs

RP-510               5' Wide x 10' Long        2,500 lbs  

RP-810               8' Wide x 10' Long        4,000 lbs

RP-812               8' Wide x 12' Long        4,800 lbs  

RP-816               8' Wide x 16' Long        6,400 lbs

RP-820               8' Wide x 20' Long        8,000 lbs  


3/8 X 3' Road Plate Sling

Actek Lifting Ring 

Chain Sling

All Road Plates are 1" Thick A-36 Steel 

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